Platter boxes

  • Tino Kai platter serves 6-8
    We recommend this option for extra special occasions. A selection of specialty cheese topped with fresh honeycomb, exotic fresh produce, gourmet bread and crackers, decedent treats and all the unique special touches that make our platters a real stand out!
    NZ$ 130.00
  • Hiakai platter serves 6-8
    A large Classic graze made up of artisan cheese and bread. Locally cured meats, crackers, fresh seasonal produce, pickles, dips and delicious sweet treats
    NZ$ 90.00
  • Koha (gift) platter
    Perfect for clients or as gifts. Contains a wide selection of treats such as gourmet cheese and crackers, nuts, dried fruits, fresh local honeycomb, sweet treats with a customised chocolate name in your choice of dark or white chocolate, hand picked herbs and blooms all beautifully laid and delivered
    NZ$ 80.00
  • Whanau platter
    6x beef sliders, 8x prawn cutlets wedge of camembert and brie, fresh assortment of fresh fruit, pickles, dip, seasoned nuts, 2x choc brownies, 2x cookie caramel slice, 4x mini jam doughnut, crackers, baby carrots, salami, dried fruit, fresh honeycomb topped with freeze dried fruit and foraged herbs.
    NZ$ 80.00
  • Reka platter
    4x sweet slices
    4x Chocolate domes
    2x meringue
    Chocolate strawberries
    Dried fruit and nuts
    Dessert cheese with honeycomb and freeze dried fruit
    Chocolate garnishes
    Fresh herbs and blooms
    NZ$ 65.00
  • Hiakai iti platter serves 2-4
    A small graze made up of artisan cheese and bread. Locally cured meats, crackers, pickles, dips and delicious sweet treats
    NZ$ 65.00
  • Tamariki platter
    Our Tamariki platter is perfect for any small gathering but without dishes! Comes complete with 10x sliders, wraps or mini american style hot dogs. mini meatballs, crackers and cheese, dip,loaded brownies, a selection of confectionary, mini doughnuts , fresh fruit and veges
    NZ$ 120.00